If you want to treat me to a delightful gift, here is your ultimate guide to pleasing this kinky london escort.

Please send gift vouchers via email to: angelinavalla(at)proton.me

If you are turning up to an appointment with a small token, please be aware that I don't eat dairy apart from butter. Oat milk flat whites and pastries, or vegan chocolates are always appreciated.


Simple and treasured; cash tips during a meeting are a true sign of your appreciation.

Selfridges vouchers

If you wish to send me sweet-nothings from afar, Selfridges Vouchers are greatly cherished.


Spa days (favourites include Aire Ancient Baths or Espa at The Corinthia)

Wine school gift vouchers for me to continue my nerdy pursuits.

Golf lessons! I have always wanted to learn and now you can gift me the opportunity.


A classic Amazon list for thoughtful little items delivered straight to me.

Other vouchers

Other vochers that are always greatly appreciated:

  • Hotels.com
  • Uber vouchers
  • Gails Bakery

I love fine lingerie and have particular taste so you may always ask me, however if you are confident in your choice and want to surprise me my sizes are as follows:

Bra: UK 34A

Panties: UK 8

Waist measurement (for corsetry): 26 inches

Brands I adore:

Studio Pia (bra size: 1, Bralette size: XS, Bottoms size: S)

Sian Hoffman Corsetry


Shoes & Bags

I love Louboutins, Saint Laurent, Gucci, Valentino, and Steve Madden heels to name a few. I wear a size UK 7 (EU 40) however a 7.5 in Louboutins as they come up small.

In bags, I adore Versace, YSL, Gucci, Louis Vuitton... and i'm still waiting on that Birkin or Kelly...


I adore fine tequilas and mezcals, Champagnes and other sparkling whites - a nice Cremant or Blanquette De Limoux (nothing sweet please and absolutely no prosecco. I'm not boujee, simply allergic), good quality Sauvignon Blancs, Icelandic Vodkas, A good whisky...


Any vegan chocolates are appreciated, particularly Hotel Chocolat or Monty Bojangles. I am dairy intolerant however one exception I will always make is for Charbonnel & Walker Marc de Champagne truffles...


I love books on art, novels (particularly speculative fiction by Black female authors), poetry, and all manner of non-fiction...

Some of my favourite authors include Rose Tremain, Octavia Butler, Roald Dahl (his adult books are truly perverted), Georges Bataille, Tamsyn Muir, and Ursula Le Guin.

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