Ideal Date: London Date ideas with your High Class Courtesan

Gorgeous London destinations for your elite london courtesan (aka me!)

As a connossieur of the finer experiences, I have a growing list of things I would love to explore on a date. What better way to introduce you to the fun we could have together than to share my ideal London dates. I love nothing more than exploring high brow luxury, and then artfully lowering the tone later into the evening behind closed doors...

Daytime dalliances

As a high class courtesan in London, I am very excited by adventures and affairs of cultural interest, and that reflect the beauty and creativity of this gorgeous city.

  • I have been lusting after a visit to the Aire Ancient Baths in Covent Garden for a luxurious massage and soak. Imagine relaxing in these ancient and beautiful walls with my fine company. As an elite London courtesan, I am well versed in the etiquette of fine establishments, while keeping things playful, fun and exciting.
  • I love to take in a matinee performance at the theatre, ballet, or opera, leaving you plenty of time for an evening of exploration with me - your kinky London escort. I am open to seeing many different shows and performances, so let's go wherever you fancy. I am equally happy to make a suggestion.
  • I have a growing love of wines, and particularly champagnes. I love a lunchtime nibble and sip at an upmarket champagne bar. Places I would love to try with you include The Champagne Room at The Connaught, The Champagne Bar at The Landmark, or getting deeply nerdy at a London Wine Academy masterclass.

Evening adventures

By evening adventures, I mainly mean restaurants. I am a dedicated foodie and love to sample tasting menus and hidden gems. Here are a few places I would love to dne with you.

  • Angelina in Dalston - it's not just in the name, this is somwhere I am very excited to visit.
  • Core by Clare Smyth - an amazing set of tasting menus.
  • The Ledbury - they have just been awarded their third Michelin Star; need I say more?
  • Hakkasan - amazing Michelin starred chinese cuisine.
  • Akoko - stunning West African tasting menu with a Michelin Star.
  • Endo at The Rotunda - An exciting looking omakase restaurant

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” – Virginia Woolf.

If you are ready to join me, reach out via my booking page and let the adventure planning begin.

Angelina x

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