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Your erudite, modelesque, and sensual woman with a thirst for the salacious

It's so good to meet you

I believe that life should be poetic. I do not mean that it should always be filled with rose gardens and summer days (although that would be pretty perfect), but that one should always strive for magic and meaning in every experience. There is beauty to be found everywhere - from frivolity and light, to the deepest darkest moments... and I intend to find it everywhere I can.

While I believe in magic, I am no manic pixie dream girl. In my company you will find creativity, sensuality, titillation, imagination... but also a deep knowing, a dry wit, and a very dirty laugh. I enjoy adventures in every realm - from the sacred to the profane, and I savour every moment of pleasure like it's the very last.

A sociology scholar and self professed "art heaux", I have a passionate interest in creativity, humans, and self-expression. I can spend languid evenings discussing almost anything - from deeply intellectual and thought provoking, to the most ridiculously frivolous conversations that will leave us both in stitches. Each interaction fills me with curiosity, and pulls deeply on my desire to connect and make magic.

As soon as you lay eyes on me for the first time, you'll be enveloped by my warm and relaxing presence, and you'll know we are about to have a truly exquisite experience. Will you join me?

Fruits of the body

Standing at a statuesque 5’7 with a naturally slender and sculpted physique, my exotic and unique looks turn heads everywhere I go.

I'm often complimented on my perfect smile and lips, paired with my enchanting, dark brown eyes and fine features.

Age: 30

Provenance: British mixed - German, Indonesian, West African

Height: 5'7"

Bra: 34a

Dress size: small / UK 8

Shoe size: UK 7

Height: 5'7

Hair: Long natural black with fringe

Eyes: Dark brown

Tattoos and modifications: Tasteful floral thigh tattoo, plus three other small tattoos.

Piercings: Ears and bellybutton

Simple pleasures...

Wine tasting, Fine dining, Relaxing at the spa, Reading, Driving down beautiful country lanes, Star Trek, Watching Architectural Design videos, Learning about nature and botany, Antiques and vintage thrifting, Cooking diverse cuisines, Realxing on a beach, Exploring hidden gems, Learning new skills (golf please!), A little luxury shopping, Wes Anderson films, Astrology, watching terrible TV, Lounging in soft sheets, Foot massages, Cuddles, Watching snow through a window, Riding horses through wild terrain, Pub quizzes, Street food, Art galleries, Taking pictures on my camera, My very ancient pet cat...

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Angelina Valla - Kinky London Escort

Photography: AT Glamour // Rachel Hardwick // Charlotte Douleur

Copywright Angelina Valla 2023

Kinky London Escorts
22 Burlington Exclusive Directory for Independent Escorts
Angelina Valla - Kinky London Escort

Photography: AT Glamour // Rachel Hardwick // Charlotte Douleur

Copywright Angelina Valla 2023